Scotland Day 3 part 2: Findhorn & Lossiemouth


21st March: more spectacular beaches

After an excellent lunch at the Harbour Cafe – I eat too much cake – we left Lossiemouth at 12:45 to head for Findhorn, taking the scenic route rather than the fast one. We walked up and down the beach but to be honest we were not as impressed as we thought we would be. Yes, it was a very nice beach with amazingly fine sand, coastal scenery and sand dunes, but not as photogenic as we thought – although the beach huts were rather good. We guessed that more spectacular scenery was to be had, but only after a walk of some kilometres.

Some sort of pillbox on the beach…
…and this was the view from inside.

Lost in Lossiemouth

We spent considerably less time at Findhorn than anticipated so had time to search out the Covesea Lighthouse and the RAF/Fleet Air Arm museum next door.

This proved to be extremely difficult. Apple maps took us back to the centre of Lossiemouth despite the fact that we had spotted the lighthouse some three miles away. Google Maps fared slightly better but ended up taking us around in circles in a static caravan park near the lighthouse. The lighthouse itself was infuriatingly close but impossible to get to.

Eventually we managed to get there only to find that the museum was closed – which I had half-expected anyway as it was not yet Easter – but we also found that the lighthouse was a private residence with access granted at certain times on a Saturday.

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